Drive Shoes

Drive Shoe Technology
Enhanced Penetration / Protection
– Improved penetration in granular soil conditions (Sand, Silt.) 110 Ksi
– Protection ring
– Shoe Joint tip protection from gravel and small to medium sized stones
– Penetration aid in cemented layers (calcarenite, mudstone)
– Current Depth Record for Drill ‐ Drive with Enhanced Penetration Shoe is ‐998’ below mudline

Removable / Drillable
– For Multi‐purpose piles (Jacket leg 36” with 3 x 13‐3/8” strings & Triple Wellhead)
– Allows deeper drives with Smaller Hammer on same Ø Conductor pipe with out impact on bit size when compared with internal steel drive shoe.
– Removal with Mill or Drill Bit . Allows return of pipe bore to internally flush top to bottom.

CDDS Installed 2
Directional / Deviated
– Collision avoidance for high well population structures.
– Ease of kick‐off for highly deviated wells.
– Avoid conductor communication at setting depth.
– Drive to pre‐determined azimuth / inclination from platform.


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